• Conversion of mineral waste materials from the Bayer Process (Bauxite Residues) to raw materials
  • Worldwide availability of the raw materials for essential products in a sustainable society

Application Energy / Heat storage

  • Sensitive High-temperature Energy Storage Systems for Renewable energy (wind-, solar-) systems (Power-Heat-, Power-Heat-Heat, Heat-Heat-, Power-Heat – Power and Heat-Heat-Power- Systems)

Application Housing / Construction

  • Halogen-free Flame Retardant for polymers of all kinds (e.g. polystyrene insulation foam)
  • Sound suppression / Noise insulation
  • Protection against radioactivity and electromagnetic pulse (EMP)
  • Novel construction materials with multiple benefits

Application Removal of hazarduous substances from aqueous, solid and gaseous systems

  • Removal of metabolic /medical /noxious trace elements, heavy metal cations and anions from aqueous systems (waste-/drinking water)
  • Immobilisation of hazarduous substanzes/ toxic-/ radioactive waste by incorporation into GEOPOLYMER

Further applications

  • Applications in agro-industry (manure/animal waste, fertilizer, bio-gas)
  • Drill fluid applications
  • Gravity separation / -concentration
  • Fire extinguishing media (e.g micro-granules) for area fires/ wild fires or high-rise buildings